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Health care for you

You are provided with unlimited access to our specialist outpatient care in the Medicover network with our health insurance packages. Select the package that best meets your needs.

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Health care for you

Our health care services

We offer complex health care examinations and diagnostics in close to 30 specialties.

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Screening and tests

Septin9 vastagbélrák szűrés - Medicover

PROGENSA ™ PCA3 test  Why do we recommend it? GENETICALLY BASED HELP IN BIOPSY DECISIONS SIMPLE SAMPLING (first urine after DRE) Prostate cancer is the fourth most frequent malignant disease of men...

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The only service provider in Hungary

that provides both a flat rate health care service and health insurance, meaning that Medicover is ready to help you both as a private health care service and a health insurance provider.