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Medicover Alkotás Point Clinic

Medicover Alkotás Point Clinic

1123 Budapest, Alkotás utca 50. Alkotás Point Irodaház Office Building

Opening hours:

monday – friday: 07:00 – 19:00

carHow to get there by car:

From BAH junction having passed the junction keep to the right on Alkotás utca, take the right lane to Győri út, pass Csörsz utca and drive in the underground garage of Alkotás Point on the left.

From Déli railway station on Alkotás utca, select the lane making a double turn to the left at the BAH junction to make a U turn and follow the above route to the underground parking garage of Alkotás Point.

From Márvány utca  Győri út – pass Táltos utca and turn right before Csörsz utca to drive in the underground garage of Alkotás Point.


How to get there on foot:

Arriving from Alkotás utca, please enter the building through the second entrance on Csörsz utca closer to Győri út, between wings “B” and “C”.


Parking/underground garage:

Drive in the garage from Győri út and access our customer parking area turning left upon reaching Floor -1.

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