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Septin9 colon cancer screening test


Septin9 colon cancer screening test

New high sensitivity diagnostic test for the early detection of colon cancer from blood.

Why and for whom do we offer the test?

Approximately 500,000 people die from colon cancer worldwide every year. 7,000 new diseases are registered in Hungary annually.

Patients diagnosed with colon cancer detected at an early stage during regular screening have a good chance of being cured. The survival rate of colon cancer patients diagnosed at an early stage is 91% compared to later, more advanced stages, when the patient survival rate is only 11%. Hardly one third of colon cancers are detected at an early stage due to the lack of symptoms signaling the disease. Septin9 metilated DNA, produced by colon cancer cells, can be detected in blood samples. The test was introduced on the international market in 2011 following a clinical trial with 8,000 participants.

The test is recommended for patients with a high risk of colon cancer, whose family history includes colon cancer, who have been suffering from inflammatory bowel disease for years, for those who would like to obtain precise, reliable information on their condition before colonoscopy, and for those who are not willing to or not suited for colonoscopy.

Result evaluation

If the result of Septin9 is negative, there is a 99.9% chance that the patient does not have colon cancer.

If the result is positive, the 67-88% specificity (depending on stage 1 or 2 of the early tumor) far exceeds the diagnostic value of any routine laboratory assay (stool blood, CEA, or enzymatic tumor marker)! Colonoscopy is recommended only in case of a positive result.

Septin9 colon cancer screening test is suitable for the detection of colon cancer at any location and in any stage.


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