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The contents of the Spring Gold health insurance package:

1. Services

Basic care, comprehensive outpatient care, laboratory tests and diagnostics, outpatient surgeries, detection of pregnancy, preventive examinations, VIP level inpatient hospital care, patient transport, one-day surgery, ad hoc home visit services, and prenatal care at the Medicover Clinics in Budapest.

The services included in the package are available unlimitedly within the Medicover network, with the exception of hospital inpatient care, patient transport, and one day surgery, which the Insurance Provider provides coverage in an amount of HUF 3,500,000 annually per person and year of insurance. The limit is available in every insured year. In addition, the Insurance Provider finances a maximum of 60 days spent in the hospital per person and per insured year. The Insurance Provider also imposes a limit of HUF 75,000 per patient transport.

2. Preventive examinations (once per insurance term)

Preventive screening examinations are not obligatory but highly recommended. The examinations are specific to age groups and are personally customized. The tests will then be broadened or changed based on results, any uncovered risks, and medical recommendations. Paediatric screening tests include a visit to a paediatrician, after which further tests are determined by the doctor in light of the patient history and conciliation with the patient and the child’s parents or legal guardians.


Men’s and Women’s

Internal medicine examination (including ECG), ophthalmology examination, chest X-ray, gynaecology examination (cytology test, transvaginal ultrasound, mammography)/urology, laboratory test (complete blood count, sedimentation rate, creatinine, blood sugar, cholesterol (LDL, HDL), triglyceride, GOT, GGT, GPT, complete urine + sediment analysis; for men over 40 years old: PSA, and, for men over 50: immunochromatographic fecal blood test).

By a comprehensive internal medicine examination – considering personal and family case-history, presenting complaints, comprehensive lab test and resting ECG – our specialist prescribes further tests. All of these information help us to make a personalized list of the further tests required in order to avoid unnecessary examinations and to set up a personal screening package for you. Due to these specific personalized screenings we could meet our high level requirements.


3. Booking appointments (Call Centre), 24/7 health line

The Health Line can help regarding the following topics:

  • Organizing services in the cases defined by contract
  • Contact information and availability of emergency, medical, paediatric, and pharmaceutical on-call services
  • Preventive, health promotion, and healthy lifestyle
  • The contact information of the health care service providers contracted by the service organizer, in the case of organized services

For more details, please contact your consultant or ask for a detailed offer.

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