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Medicover - Magunkról


The Medicover company group is Central and Eastern Europe’s leading private health care service provider. It has been present on the Hungarian market since 1998 and now has almost 100,000 clients enjoying its high quality health care services available nationwide.

In 2008, Medicover established its Health Insurance, meaning it provides both private health care services and health insurance.

You also have the possibility to pay for our health care services in a flat rate system or separately for each examination.

Medicover services are available in the Eiffel and Alkotás Point Clinics and in the Infopark in Budapest, both of which are equipped with the most advanced diagnostic tools. We also offer Clinics in Győr, Debrecen, and Pécs, with Health Service Points in 20 more cities and several hundred centres throughout the country. The Company’s close to 500 highly skilled professional medical experts and their supporting personnel conduct several hundred thousand examinations every year.