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Legal background


Medicover Zrt. provides occupational health services for its Clients and employees, in accordance with Article 58 of Act XCIII of 1993 on Labour Safety, Government Decree 89/1995 on Basic Occupational Health Services, Decree 27/1995 NM of the Ministry of Welfare on Occupational Health Services, Decree 33/1998 (VI.24.) NM of the Ministry of Welfare on Medical Examinations to Establish Fitness for Employment, and the provisions of other relevant legislation, as set forth below:

  • Performing occupational suitability (preliminary, periodical, extraordinary, and termination) examinations and initiating the necessary specialist examinations
  • Taking into account the regulations regarding doctor-patient confidentiality, informing the employer in writing (work suitability opinion) or, if requested, verbally and in digital format as well
  • Monthly check of fulfilment of work suitability examinations,
  • Preparing reports at the frequency and with the contents defined by the employer
  • Reporting workplace related sicknesses and cases of exposure, preparing the related reports, and participating in the investigation in accordance with relevant legislation (Decree 27/1996 NM of the Ministry of Welfare)
  • Participating in the selection of individual protective equipment and in consultancy on protective equipment
  • Participating in the meeting of workplace requirements regarding chemical safety
  • Renewing official (Class II) driver’s licenses required for work
  • Renewing forklift driver’s licenses required for work and performing the required periodical suitability examinations.
  • Administering vaccines linked to the workplace and registering having done so in accordance with the respective requirements
  • Administering influenza vaccines and registering having done so in accordance with the respective requirements
  • Assessing psychosocial risk factors and submitting recommendations for additional measures
  • Fulfilling reporting and administrative obligations, and preparing health reports for officials.

Medicover Zrt. participates in:

  • solving workplace health, physiological, ergonomic, and hygiene issues
  • discovering workplace risks
  • providing for the tangible, personnel, and organizational requirements of first aid at the workplace, organizing emergency medical care, and preparing the providers of first aid
  • developing the employer’s disaster prevention, aversion, and elimination plans and the rehabilitation plans for the incurred damages
  • In the preparation of the required documentation:
    • the order of work suitability examinations
    • Rules for providing eyeglass support
    • Rules for providing individual protection equipment
    • Preparing the risk assessment documentation
    • Preparing the chemical risk assessment documentation

Medicover Zrt. undertakes to perform the examinations required on the basis of the categories provided by the employer and the exposure of the given position.

  • Laboratory tests (in case of exposure to chemicals)
  • Biological Effect Monitoring (BEM)
  • Audiometric examinations (hearing tests)
  • Spirometry test (to examine breathing)
  • Eye exams (in the case of workplaces with computers)
  • Other examinations as required


1993. évi XCIII. törvény

89/1995. (VII. 14.) Korm. rendelet

27/1995. (VII. 25.) NM rendelet

33/1998. (VI. 24.) NM rendelet

Assessment of psychosocial risk factors

(Magyar) A munkavédelemi törvény (1993. évi XCIII. törvény) 2008. január 1-jétől hatályos módosítása rendelkezik a pszichoszociális kockázati tényezők kezelésének munkáltatói feladatáról és meghatározza a pszichoszociális kockázati tényező fogalmát is.

Providing first aid

(Magyar) A Medicover Zrt. kínál defibrillátoros és defibrillátor nélküli tanfolyamokat. Mindkét tanfolyam esetében elméleti oktatással kezdődik a tudás átadása. Ez egy interaktív tanítási mód, ahol a munkavállalók nyugodtan kérdezhetnek az oktatótól.