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Medicover’s mobile occupation health service unit

In order to serve our customers’ needs as fully as possible, the range of our occupational health services has been extended with a mobile consulting unit.

This enables the on-site examination of the employees of companies that do not have an own occupational physician’s office on their premises.

Our mobile unit operates as an independent consulting room staffed with appropriate professional medical personnel, and has been created in full compliance with relevant regulatory requirements and the highest professional standards.

Services provided country-wide by our mobile consulting unit:

Annual occupational heath examination of employees based on preliminary appointments and time schedule

The unit serves as the venue for health days and prevention programs organized for employees

The consulting unit carries out health screening during various events

Optional examinations:

  • general internal medicine,
  • mobile ultrasound,
  • mobile heel-bone density assessment,
  • orthopedic-rheumatology screening,
  • gynecological screening,
  • dermatological screening.

Advantages of mobile occupational health examinations

  • The employer is obligated to have employees undergo occupational health suitability examinations during work time.
  • This solution is a cost-efficient solution for companies that cannot or do not wish to set up and maintain an on-site medical unit and employees would lose significant amounts of time when travelling to the site of the examination. In such cases, the consulting unit comes to the company site. We thus ensure that staff lose the least amount of work time possible.

The mobile service fully complies with the high quality defined by Medicover’s international and Hungarian standards, which also pertain to modern diagnostic equipment and highly trained professionals.

The service can be set up quickly and effectively, meaning companies do not have to wait months for ÁNTSZ [Hungarian National Public Health and Medical Officer Service] licenses. It can also be a good solution for the temporary period before permanent on-site centres are set up, allowing us to provide uninterrupted occupational health services to our clients. Flexible hours pose another benefit of thus service, tailoring the schedule to the number of employees waiting for screening. In addition to the regular hours, we can also provide additional availability in accordance with our Clients’ needs.

Assessment of psychosocial risk factors

(Magyar) A munkavédelemi törvény (1993. évi XCIII. törvény) 2008. január 1-jétől hatályos módosítása rendelkezik a pszichoszociális kockázati tényezők kezelésének munkáltatói feladatáról és meghatározza a pszichoszociális kockázati tényező fogalmát is.

Providing first aid

(Magyar) A Medicover Zrt. kínál defibrillátoros és defibrillátor nélküli tanfolyamokat. Mindkét tanfolyam esetében elméleti oktatással kezdődik a tudás átadása. Ez egy interaktív tanítási mód, ahol a munkavállalók nyugodtan kérdezhetnek az oktatótól.