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Laboratory tests are essential in the early detection of diseases and in evaluating the effectiveness of a treatment. At our clinic we offer hundreds of laboratory tests for our patients.

Why choose Medicover laboratory?

-          No waiting list, we provide you appointments even the next day

-          Gentle blood sample taking (phlebotomy) with a thin, winged needle (a.k.a. butterfly needle)

-          Our experienced laboratory assistants perform blood sample taking quickly and professionally

-          Samples are treated with maximum care in accordance with the highest professional standards

-          Further medical examinations in nearly 38 outpatient services nationwide

-          State of art equipment, highly trained and experienced medical professionals

-          At Medicover clinic there are no additional costs

Our laboratory packages

Allergy test package – Inhalation (respiratory) panel

We test if your body has an allergic reaction for different types of allergens by blood sample taking. This panel contains 20 allergens (ragweed, dust mite, pollen, animal hair, etc.)

Allergy test package – Nutritive (food allergy) panel

Food allergy test by blood sample taking. The nutritive allergy panel contains the 20 most common food allergens (cow’s milk wheat flour, etc.)

Thyroid function tests

Measurement of thyroid hormones (TSH, FT3, FT4, anti-TPO, anti TG) from blood. We measure how well your thyroid gland is working. The package contains the examination of the non-symptomatic antibodies (proteins that protect the body against viruses, bacteria) that affect the functioning of the thyroid gland.

Prostate exam

Screening test (from blood) for detecting problems caused by prostate hypertrophy (PSI, urine).

Liver function tests

This blood test helps to assess the normal functions (GOT, GPT, GGT, AP, cholinesterase) of the liver. It provides information on inflammatory alteration in the liver, secretion of the bile and liver damage caused by alcohol, drugs and other toxic substances.

Kidney function tests

We examine the secretory function of the kidney from urine (creatinine, carbamide, uric acid).

Fat metabolism tests

These tests measure the level of blood lipids (HDL, LDL, cholesterol) and their proportions.

Pancreas function tests

Pancreas function test from blood (amylase, lipase) in case of digestive disorders.

Insulin resistance tests

Insulin resistance examination including glucose tolerance test and multiple (empty stomach, two hours after drinking glucose solution) sampling.

Male/female health lab pack under 50 years

Laboratory tests which examine the operation of the liver, kidney, hematopoietic system, thyroid gland, fat – and carbohydrate metabolism and electrolyte balance. We examine if there is an inflammation in the body, an infection, or bleeding in the alimentary tract.

Male/female health lab pack over 50 years

These tests contain the examination of vitamin D -, men’s PSA-, and testosterone levels beside the examinations of the general male/female health lab pack.

Metabolism examination

Laboratory examination of boniness and absorption disorder. We measure the levels of substances absorbed from the digestive system, looking for vitamin and iron deficiency and examine the deviation of the hormones that influence the absorption. We also examine the bowel disease caused by gluten.

Laboratory examination of overweight

The package includes the examination of adrenal gland -, thyroid gland – , and pancreas hormone alterations and metabolic parameters.

Intolerance tests

-          Blood glucose

-          Lactose

-          Starch

-          Iron

Female sex hormone tests

The level of cycle dependent hormones are measured by two blood sampling on the 3rd (AMH, FSH, LH, testosterone, prolactin, estradiol)  and the 21th (progesterone) day of the cycle.

Female menopausal sex hormone tests

Examination of the hormone balance of thyroid gland, hypophysis and ovary (TSH, FSH, LH, estradiol) over 40 years, at the beginning of menopause.

Male sex hormone tests

Examination of the male sex hormone components (FSH, LH, prolactin, testosterone, SHBG)

Laboratory examination of hair loss

Examination of hormone alterations, immune disorders, hematopoietic system deviations, inflammations and liver function disorders that cause abnormal stained – or diffuse hair loss. Our tests are recommended for both men and women.

Examination of abdominal pain (IBS)

Laboratory tests in case of abdominal pain, tympanitis and defecation problems. Examination of digestive disorders and the infections, diseases of the intestinal system caused by gluten. Functional parameters of organs and the hormone level that influence the bowel function are also examined.

Laboratory assessment of cardiovascular risk

Risk assessment of coronary artery disease, atherosclerosis and stroke.

Laboratory examination of bone metabolism

Examination of bone mineral composition and the parameters of bone formation.


How should I prepare for laboratory tests?

In most cases empty stomach is necessary before blood sampling. As for the urine it is recommended to give a midstream sample.

For certain laboratory tests there are special requirements.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask our physicians and laboratory assistants.


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