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Védőoltások, oltási tanácsadás - Medicover oltóközpont

Vaccination center


The task of this outpatient service is the immunization of children and adults who are at risk of infection from diseases preventable by vaccination due to their age, underlying diseases, occupations, or intention to travel. We also provide information and recommendations concerning vaccines. The counseling department is responsible for vaccinations according to Hungarian vaccination protocol and the current epidemiologic situation for foreign citizens (adults and children) who work and live in Hungary (for more than 3 months). This may be a condition of children going to preschool, school, or boarding school, for which we provide the documentation. Specialized care of patients with an underlying disease or impaired immunity is possible.

Our vaccines:

  • Vaccine against influenza
  • Hepatitis A and B vaccination
  • Typhoid fever
  • Tick-borne encephalitis

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