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The History

The History of Medicover


Medicover Sp. Z. o. o. (“Medicover”) is founded in 1994 under the name ABC Medicover.


  • The first Medicover Centre opens in Warsaw, Poland.


  • Regional expansion begins in Poland with the opening of the first Medicover Centre in Lodz.
  • The company changes its name from ABC Medicover to Medicover and also changes its logo.


  • The first Medicover Centre opens in Budapest, Hungary.
  • A Medicover Centre opens in Bucharest, Romania (there are now 7 Centres in Romania).


  • In Poland, co-operations begin with health care service providers in cities where Medicover Centres are not present. Medicover develops a continually advancing network of affiliated partners.
  • The first On-Site Outpatient Centre opens (today 38 On-Site Centres operate at Client locations in Central Eastern Europe).
  • The first Medicover Centre opens in Tallinn, Estonia (there are now 4 Centres in Estonia).
  • The Medicover Centre in Warsaw obtains the certificates for consistency of the Quality Management System (QMS) with the requirements of the ISO 9002 standards for the first time.


  • The fourth Medicover Centre opens in Warsaw.


  • In February, Medicover’s main shareholder, ABC Medicover Holdings B. V. floats its shares on the Stockholm Securities Exchange, concentrating its activity on medical services. Since then, shares have been listed on the Stock Exchange (MCOV) and the capital obtained is invested in the private medical services market.
  • In November, West End Health Care Centre opens in the heart of Budapest.


  • The first Medicover Centre opens in Prague, Czech Republic (today there are 2 Centres in the CzechRepublic).
  • All Medicover Centres in Poland obtain the certificate for consistency of the Quality Management System (QMS). The Medicover system complies with all the requirements of the ISO 9001:2000 standard, which ensures constant improvements in the level of the services provided and care for the Clients, all verified by an external institution.


  • The Medicover logo is redesigned.
  • Medicover headquarters are moved from Sapiezynska to Warsaw.


  • Medicover develops and puts into operation its Medical Telephone Consultation System (MTC), a system unique in Poland and one of only a few similar in Europe. Applying the latest technologies and in accordance with the international standards, the system allows Medicover Hotline service to determine the best medical practice for patients.


  • In November, a new Occupational Health Care Service Point opens in Budapest, on the Buda side.


  • In April, Szépvölgyi Health Care Centre opens in an elegant district of Buda, near Kolosy tér.


In September, Medicover opens its first private hospital in Warsaw.

The MedicoverWilanowHospital is a unique complex in the broad spectrum of services it offers. It offers world class specialised care to all ages of patients around the clock and also deals with the diagnosing and treatment of special or rare diseases.

The hospital website


  • The Medicover Eiffel Clinic opens next to the Nyugati Railway Terminal in the heart of Budapest
    • Services are provided in almost 30 specialties
    • This is Hungary’s largest private outpatient care centre
    • Client parking is offered in an underground parking garage


  • Medicover Alkotás Point Clinic opens on 7 January 2013
    • Accessible central location in Buda
    • Exclusive, modern environment
    • More than 1,000 m2 floor space; 25 medical specialties
    • Client parking is offered in an underground parking garage